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Welcome to PostOnce.Net

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What is PostOnce.net?

PostOnce.net is an easy way to advertise your available loads or trucks across the internet.  It’s simple. You post your loads on PostOnce, and we post them on a wide variety of internet load boards and freight matching sites.  We named our site PostOnce because we let you do just that.  Post your loads ONCE with PostOnce.

As a registered member, you will be able to add, update or delete your postings, add posting sites to your list, and send your loads or equipment to all of the people on your fax list or email phonebook!

Why do I want to use PostOnce.net?

Posting loads on the internet can be time consuming.  There are so many load boards and freight matching sites out there that you can’t possibly post to them all in a reasonable amount of time.  We do the work for you, so you can focus on making money.

  • Move your loads faster with more people seeing your loads.
  • Get your backhauls full by advertising your available trucks.
  • Be seen all over the internet.
  • Reduce unnecessary calls:  If a load is taken, remove it from all the load boards quickly.
  • Make More Money!


What do I get with PostOnce.net?

  • Unlimited postings for a flat price.
  • Free unique “available loads” and “available trucks” websites you can link to. (Click here for an example)
  • Ability to post to a wide variety of freight matching services and internet load boards.  (Click here for a list of our posting partners)
  • Ability to create fax or email pages that can be sent directly to your market.

Questions? Want to know more? Contact us!

Try this service FREE for 30 days

Three Easy Steps!

  1. Sign up and become a PostOnce.Net member
  2. Login to your custom member area and select your favorite sites for posting information.  Add your pre-existing, corresponding account names and passwords.
  3. Click on "Post Loads" or "Post Equipment" and start posting!

Start Saving Time and Money

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